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Online Resources

We encourage you to visit any of the following Web sites for a variety of pet related topics.  Some of the topics include:

• Where can I adopt a pet?
• My pet is getting older. What type of food should I give to be sure of proper nutrition?
• How do I protect my children from getting sick while handling our puppy or kitten?
• Should I get pet insurance?

Pet Finder®: www.petfinder.com

American Animal Hospital Association®: www.aahanet.org

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.®: www.hillspet.com

Centers for Disease Control
• Infants and Young Children: www.CDC.GOV/healthypets/child.htm
• Pregnant Women And Toxoplasmosis: www.CDC.GOV/healthypets/pregnant.htm

• Diseases from Cats: www.CDC.GOV/healthypets/animals/cats.htm

• Diseases from Dogs: www.CDC.GOV/healthypets/animals/dogs.htm

Embrace Pet Insurance®: www.embracepetinsurance.com

Trupanion Pet Insurance®: www.TrupanionPetInsurance.com